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Teddy - Lightweight travel yoga mat - Tropical

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  • Sweaty Yogis (We feel ya!) who need an absorbent surface that works with them rather than against them.
  • Hot Yoga (Hot Yogis!) who want to combine their mat and towel for a hygienic, convenient, grippier solution.
  • Travel, outdoor and holiday Yoga!  At 1.5kg it is lightweight and folds into a small square (the same size as a jumper!)  so say goodbye to those packing woes! Also can be popped in the washing machine post practice.
  • Also great for intense exercise and popping over the top of studio mats to maintain hygiene and for a little extra support.

The velvet microfibre surface becomes grippy under sweat and moisture, while the natural sustainable rubber base grips to the floor – no more bunching up!

At 1.5kg it is lightweight and folds into a small square (the same size as a jumper!)  so say goodbye to those packing woes!

We’ve never heard of a nasty Teddy so we’ve kept it free of them – non toxic water based inks and dyes created vivid fashion forward designs and limited edition prints which the base is crafted from bio degradable rubber.

Our TEDDY mat will move with you, travel with you and challenge you as the texture allows you to fully engage your muscles building strength within. Leaving you feeling stable and secure to practice anywhere and everywhere.

Tip: Spritz with a little water if your paws are dry to unlock the grip and genius of the surface.

  • Materials: Natural Rubber and Micro Fiber Toweling.
  • Dimensions: 183cm x 61cm
  • Thickness: 2mm
  • Fully machine washable (gentle wash cycle) – never debate going to Hot Yoga again!

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Supportive, foldable, machine washable and not to mention oh so pretty

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