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What Makes Our Yoga Wheels So Sustainable?

Posted by James Oakley on
Woman practicing a back bend with a yoga wheel

The world is constantly changing, sometimes for the best, other times for the worst.

There is only so much it can take before it fights back and shuts down. That is why implementing sustainable and eco-friendly practices is vital for the health of the planet as we know it.

Sustainability is the future. The planet that we all get to live on, provides us with so much abundance, but it can only continue on this trajectory for so long. As a collective things need and must change for it to continue.

Small, little changes work just as well as big changes. It is about consistency and making it a part of your lifestyle. Just like the majority of us swap out single-use plastic for reusable cups and bottles. It takes time but change can and will happen.

It is about making better and more informed choices but also relying on companies and businesses to change old practices for new ones. As they are the ones who leave the biggest carbon footprint. They need to make the changes for the ultimate reward.


Where Yoga And Mother Earth Collide

Yoga is all about pushing yourself to be the best you can be but also doing so in a kind and mindful manner. You don’t want to push yourself too hard to the point of injury otherwise you will spend more time off the mat than on it.

This approach is what the planet needs. It needs time, and patience but ultimately it needs to be pushed in a positive, sustainable direction.

That is ultimately why at Yogi Bare we made the conscious decision to be a sustainable yoga brand, and our goal is to be as eco-conscious as possible. That is why all the products are crafted from sustainable, eco-friendly materials. Feel good by doing good.


How Can Yogis Help?

When it comes to your practice, make better choices, shop sustainable mats and sustainable yoga accessories.

Do good by doing good. Jump on your mat knowing you have made the best choice not just for yourself but for the planet.

Incorporate all the best things about yoga and implement them in real life. Take your knowledge of kindness and striving for better off of the mat and make real, valuable changes within your life.

Create a sustainable practice and let it flow into the rest of your day-to-day life. Yoga is all about being in the moment, aligning your mind, body and spirit. Therefore you need to align your values with your practice and be a beacon of positivity and proactivity.


The Benefits Of Yoga Accessories

The yoga wheel is not only sustainably made but amazing for your body. Incorporating it into your practice can give you a deep front side body stretch and is not only safe but also an effective way to give your spin the TLC that it needs by giving it a deep massage.

A yoga wheel is a restorative tool that helps to improve your overall flexibility as well as aiding in improving your posture, spine health and mobility.

Are you at the stage in your practice where you want to advance but you feel a little bit stuck? Then by adding this tool it can be the perfect partner, by assisting you in exploring “advanced” postures and helping to build your confidence in backbends and inversions.

The best thing about yoga and using accessories is that it is for anybody at any stage, whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi.

Yoga is for everybody and every body, so get your paws on the yoga wheel and jump on your mat.

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