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What Happens When You Practice Yoga In Nature?

Posted by Kat Pither on
What Happens When You Practice Yoga In Nature?
We are nature.

And yet some how we forgot.

Through the practice of Yoga we remember how to speak the natural and subtle languages of the body and breath.

We live in a world alien to our biology. We hold second brains in our hands through our devices. We are permanently in a state of fight or flight. We clad our feet in hard wearing shoes. We live in manipulated conditions of heat, air con and blue light. We are over stimulated and under nourished. No wonder the world is straining under spikes in poor mental wellbeing and physical health.

We forgot our primal instinct. We forgot how to feel.  

And when we allow ourselves return to our natural state of being we find a sense of renewal, connection, clarity, energy and vibrancy. 

Our gut health improves, our sleep patterns reset, we feel happier.

Everything makes sense again.

We can see an echo of these effects when we slow down and practice yoga, meditation and breath work.

So what would happen if we combined these and took our Yoga into Nature?

The mental wellbeing attributes of the outdoors have long been known through the Japanese concept of Shirin Yoko or “Forest bathing” which is the countries antidote for sadness, stress and disconnection. 

Here's what happens when you take your mat into your garden, a forest, the beach or even your balcony:

  • Heightened sensory awareness - the breeze on your skin, the dance of shadows, the hum of a bee .. its cleansing for your sensory system to note all of these on an overly stimulated world
  • Recalibration of the nervous system and restores depleted energy
  • The presence birdsong sound track - its all about pausing long enough to notice the creatures that live amongst us which offers perspective, birdsong is known to boost serotonin and happiness
  • Breathwork takes on a new meaning and you can “drop in” and maintain the practice for longer as we breath the freshest oxygen or “Prana” 
  • Spending time outside sends signals to the brain that the body is back in its native environment and reminds it of its natural alert, energy and focus.
  • Uneven surfaces and changing light/scenery encourage us to strengthen and engage our core and challenge our balance


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