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Can You Bring A Yoga Mat On An Airplane?

Posted by James Oakley on
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Whether you are going on a specific yoga holiday or want to practise when you are going about your travels, you may be wondering how easy is it to take a yoga mat on an airplane? Can you carry it with you as hand luggage or do you need to check it in? Or will you need to pack it in your case? Do you have extra room for those few extra kilograms?

In this article, you will find out whether you can bring your mat with you on an airplane and the ideal mat to take with you on your travels. Where you are in the world, you can make sure your paws will be safely on your yoga mat.


The Logistics Of Travelling With A Yoga Mat

As all yogis know, yoga mats aren’t always the smallest or lightest of objects. When travelling abroad you don’t want to be lugging a three to four-kilogram mat around with you. Imagine the space and weight it will consume within your suitcase. You’ll have to sacrifice your summer clothes to make enough room.

When it comes to airlines, however, many will not let you carry your yoga mat with you as well as hand luggage. It is usually one item per person unless you pay for another one.

However, it is usually down to the individual airlines as to whether you can bring your yoga mat on the plane with you, just make sure to check their website and if you are allowed make sure your mat fits within the specific dimensions required.


What Is The Perfect Travel Mat?

Now when it comes to your trusted yoga mat, we’re afraid that you won’t want to lug around your standard mat. It is impractical to take with you as the dimensions and weight will be too much. You want a mat to work with you. You don’t want to regret taking it with you because it is proving to be a burden to carry.

That is why the lightweight yoga mats are perfect to accompany you on your adventures. The best part is when you buy one of these travel mats you automatically get access to a one-month subscription to the yoga class app, so you can take your practice anywhere, anytime!

Also, they come in a variety of patterns and colours, so you can pick the perfect one that suits you.

Feel supported with the Yogi Bare Teddy mat which is the ultimate yoga mat innovation for home and away.

Have no fear, it is a lightweight mat at only 1.5kg and folds into a small square that you can easily pack into your hand luggage as it is the same size as a jumper!


Taking Time For You As You Travel

Travelling can be a stressful and busy time. That is why taking some time for yourself is essential for your own sanity and wellbeing.

Making time to practice yoga when you are going on your adventures is not just amazing but vital. It gives you those much-needed moments to yourself, to balance, re-centre and be in the present moment.

Yoga isn’t just for days at home before or after work. Yoga is a lifestyle choice, and you can find happiness within the minutes of your practice.

Find a sense of calm and shut out the busy world whilst you are in downward dog, embrace the beauty of your new environment and find inner peace as you lay down in savasana. Yoga helps to remind you of the amazing world you get to live in and bring your mind back to a place of gratitude and thankfulness.



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