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A Yoga Flow for the Leo Season

Posted by James Oakley on
Leo astrological sign, star constellation

Say goodbye to Cancer and say hello to Leo season! Prepare for some serious summer sun.

Leo season 2022 will harness the energy of the sun and bring about glorious golden, bright light that you cannot ignore.

This July/ August you will not want to kick back and chill with a movie and a picnic. The days for Netflix and chill will come about soon enough but leave that behind and embrace the summer vibes.

Put on your dancing shoes because Leo season is all about having some serious fun and making memories.

Find out everything you need to know and what to excerpt, right here!


When Is Leo Season?

Leo season is upon us! So, bring about that Leo season energy and go crazy this summer!

It runs from around the 22nd of July to August the 22nd and is one of the twelve astrological seasons that happen all year.

With each season, a new unique vibe becomes present and can have an impact on how you feel and your life. But the vibe for Leo season is fun, fun and more fun!


What To Expect This Leo Season

Just in typical fire sign fashion, this astrological season will hold no prisoners. Prepare for a metaphorical kick up your backside. This season is not to be messed with; it is time to book out your calendar with all the summer plans you can think of.


Say YES!

Bottomless brunch on a Sunday afternoon? Yes, please! Who cares about a headache Monday morning when you can make memories Sunday afternoon?

Summer is all for being free but being busy with exciting plans and spending time with your friends. There is no better excuse than when the sun is out to go out…you can always just blame it on Leo season.

Does anyone fancy a swim in the sea? You’ll already be down on the beach with your swimsuit on! Say yes as much as you possibly can this summer.

It is about making the effort to see the people you love and do fun, cool things! Make memories that will last a lifetime! With it being Leo season, you won’t even think twice about saying yes.


Think Big!

Also, you will start to bet the bug to buy lots of stuff! You will crave luxury, but keep in mind what budget you are on. Shop the summer sales, for the cute beach look or a summer dress for date night. This is because Leo season is all about abundance whether that is loads of fun or being carefree with your money.


Balance! Balance! Balance!

Remember balance is key! Work comes first sometimes; it’s how you find your lifestyle. So be organised and keep on top of your workload, your boss won’t mind you having fun and partying, maybe they will turn a blind eye to your hangover if your work isn’t suffering.

Work hard, play hard! Or play hard, work smart! This will give you the time to kick back and let loose!

Also, find balance in the literal sense and get your paws on the mat to find moments of peace and clarity! Find the flow that works for you.


Stay Away From Negative Vibes

Ultimately, Leo season is the best time to be sociable and enjoy living your life. But as a true fire sign who loves drama, be mindful of your interactions.

Leo season can bring about drama, but the drama doesn’t have to mean chaos and arguing! It can mean chaotic fun, where anything goes!

Be mindful and invest your time and energy in the right people and do things that make you feel confident and strong.

The energy from Leo is tied up in pride, so this is where you need to tread lightly. Be careful not to accidentally upset someone or make them feel disrespected, as this could be the spark to ignite the drama.


New Moon, New You?

When it comes to every new moon, there is always a shift in the air and how you feel. This is the same for the new moon in Leo. Prepare yourself for the 8th august new moon!

The Lion's Gate portal in astrology is an annual cosmic alignment that takes place on August 8.

Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, will bring together strong cosmic and spiritual energy at this time. This is because the Sirius star brings about abundance, imagination, and devotion. The energy to create, transform, and bring harmony to your life is enormously boosted when it joins forces with the sun in Leo.

The sun rules Leo, which also rules the heart. So be prepared for intense love as this might enter when Sirius, the star of dedication, and the sun in Leo line up. It is an opportunity to become aware of your own personal power and to start allowing it to flourish during the Lion's Gate Portal.

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