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Why You Need a Travel Yoga Mat | Easy and Lightweight | Portable and Affordable

Posted by Albert Mottershaw on
Why You Need a Travel Yoga Mat | Easy and Lightweight | Portable and Affordable

Yogi Bare is company with inclusivity, affordability and the environment at its core. The Yogi Bare brand was started as a response to the feeling of not belonging yoga can oftentimes bring to those who try it. With the motto “we believe that yoga is for every body and everybody”, Yogi Bare strives to create fun, affordable and professional yoga mats for unprofessional prices. 

What is a travel yoga mat? 

A travel yoga mat is a shorter, thinner and lighter version of a full sized mat, but still offers the same grip, comfort and support as a full sized mat. At Yogi Bare, the travel mats are still made out of the great material and have all the specifications you can expect from the full sized mats, just in a smaller package. The travel mats are made out of biodegradable rubber and non-toxic ink, so you can be reassured that you are looking after the environment whilst you are looking after yourself. The velvet microfibre surface that you love in the regular sized mats is also on our travel mats, so that when you get sweaty, your mat becomes even more grippy. No excuses to shy away from hot yoga or taking it on that warm summer getaway! Our travel mats have not compromised anywhere with its natural sustainable rubber base still keeping your mat locked to the floor, wherever you may be.  

Travel mats are lightweight and portable

Whilst Yogi Bare’s full sized mats measure in at 180cm x 66cm, 4mm thick and 2.5kg, the travel matts are smaller and lighter at 183cm x 61cm, 2mm thick and 1.5kg. Yogi Bare have ensured that even the travel sized mats have plenty of room for you to spread out and try even the trickiest of moves. With half the thickness, the travel mats still offer comfort for your joints, but at 1 kg lighter! The thinner material allows you to fold the travel mats down to the size of a jumper, perfect for packing for even the lightest of travelers. Yogi Bare has not compromised on the natural sustainable rubber base on the travel mats, as it is vital to make sure you feel stable and secure whether you are on a beach in Thailand or watching the world go by in the mountains of Portugal. These travel mats are also machine wash friendly so you can travel home knowing your mat is squeaky clean and ready for your next yogi adventure. 

Travel mats are even more affordable

At Yogi Bare, keeping yoga equipment at affordable prices is part of the inclusivity focus at the core of this brand, making sure everyone has access to professional equipment at unprofessional prices. Yogi Bare only makes enough profit to continue sharing its message to enable more Yogis. The full priced mats are $75.95, and the travel mats are even more affordable at $65.95.

Yogi Bare products

Yogi Bare has travel mats in a variety of limited edition prints, so you can still feel inspired on the go. Click to see our full range of mats and explore the fun prints currently on offer for both full size and travel size mats. If you have a full sized mat are you are looking to make it more portable, Yogi Bare also offers a selection of carry straps that are easy-wipe clean and perfect for carrying your full sized mats in a convenient way. Click to see the carry straps currently on offer. Yogi Bare also has a selection of acupressure mats for relaxation and massage, and they fold up into a portable size with a carry strap, also perfect for on the go. Click to see our acupressure yoga mats collection. 

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