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Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Yoga Class

Posted by James Oakley on
Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Yoga Class

So you've enrolled yourself into your first yoga class (virtual or physical!), what now? As a spiritually, mentally and physically beneficial activity, yoga is becoming an increasingly popular activity. Those of you who have not tried yoga before, or are planning to take on your first class in 2021; you may feel a certain level of intimidation by all the different poses and flexibility that yoga will demand of you. As difficult as it may first seem, yoga does not require a certain fitness level or ability. Everyone can benefit from incorporating even just a 10-minute routine into their day - from beginners to intermediate. Nevertheless, it is normal to feel a little nervous if you have never done something before, so here is everything you need to know before your first yoga class, be that either virtually or in person.

What to Wear to Your First Yoga Class

Although it may seem like you need to buy special workout clothes for yoga, you don’t. Wear what is most comfortable for you, and clothing that you can fully move or stretch in. After your first class, you can judge whether you need to wear something slightly different and buy new clothes accordingly. In terms of footwear, yoga is usually done barefoot. 

What to Take with You to a Yoga Class

One of the things you will need for a yoga class is a mat. However, if you do not own your own mat, most places have mats available for free or rent. If you are at home taking your yoga class online and do not have a mat, any soft carpeted area will be fine for your first class. You can also use pillows at any point you feel you need extra support. Most people do like investing in their own durable, high-quality mat though, and our sustainable Yogi Bare Yoga Mats are perfect for anyone new to yoga. 

If you ARE practicing at home, you may need to invest in some yoga props, such as blocks, straps and blankets, to help you ease into certain positions better. You will be able to judge what you need after your first class.

Aside from a mat and other yoga equipment, you may also want to have a water bottle at the ready to sip on when you need it, although you can just wait until the end of the class to get a drink. Depending on how sweaty you usually get, it may also be an idea to have a small towel with you. 

Preparing Yourself for the Class

After you have got your physical equipment and workout gear sorted, the next thing to do is mentally prepare yourself. You can either do this by looking up a few of the basic poses and maybe even having a go, reading up on the history of yoga and its Indian roots or finding out more about what your body will go through during the class. Yoga helps to release built-up tension all over the body and help lower stress levels, so it may be beneficial to look up where exactly you should feel a particular stretch or pose.

Oh and you should avoid eating heavy meals right before a class. As with any physical exercise, it is recommended you should wait at least 30-45 minutes after eating a light snack before you practice yoga, or at least 1-2 hours after a heavier meal. 

How to Get Ready for a Virtual Yoga Class

As with any other online activity you have had to adapt to endure due to the current circumstances, the best way to prepare for a virtual yoga class is to treat it like a normal in-person session. Remember to put your maximum effort in, and speak to your instructor if you have any issues or questions you’d like to ask. It will also help if you practice poses in between sessions so you become more familiar with them.

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